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Figure 6

From: Structural aspects of leg-to-gonopod metamorphosis in male helminthomorph millipedes (Diplopoda)

Figure 6

Adult males of julidan millipedes. (A-B) N. kochii, (C-D) B. guttulatus. (E-F) N. varicorne. A, C and E, seventh trunk ring, SEM after the digestion of the internal soft tissue; posterior view. B, D, and F, CLSM after digestion of the internal soft tissue. Projection at maximum intensity of serial pictures. ag, anterior gonopod; pg, posterior gonopod. Arrowhead, posterior gonopod apodeme. Asterisk, anterior gonopod apodeme. Para-midsagittal view, anterior to the left, scale bars 200 μm.

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