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Fig. 3

From: Spatial compartmentalization of free radical formation and mitochondrial heterogeneity in bivalve gills revealed by live-imaging techniques

Fig. 3

Representative Mitotracker Deep Red 633 staining of M. edulis gills. a1: overview of filamental structure (fluorescence image), a2: transmission image of the same area. b: fluorescence intensity profile across an average filament. Black box marks the limits of the blood sinus. Outer and inner region of epithelial cells were defined for statistical purposes as described in the method section. c1: view of ventral bend stained with MT Deep Red 633, c2: corresponding transmission image. Arrows mark mucus-filled vacuoles in SMGs. Bs = blood sinus, ore = outer region of the epithelial cells, ire = inner region of epithelial cells, ROI = region of interest. Scale bar = 25 μm

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